Czech Republic

Radio Dechovka wrote
“We would like to warn the listeners that on February 28 all medium-wave transmitters on the frequency AM 1233kHz will be switched off.
After February 28, 2021, lovers of medium waves can retune to the AM 792kHz frequency, from the Hradec Králové – Stěžery transmitter.
… and soon to 1260kHz!

AM 792 kHz
Transmitter Hradec Králové – Stěžery”

In are 4 transmitters for 1233 listed:
České Budějovice/Husovakolonie

For 1260
Líbeznice/Bořanovice is listed as planned with 10 kW antenna looks like cage antenna/ARRT.

Hradec Kralove/Stěžery is listed as active on 792 kHz.
There were some SW antenna (log-periodic?), but these were removed years ago.
There’s a mast with guy wires with insulators in, maybe this is the MW mast for 792.
Marco (2021-02-15)