Mediumwave masts in Nomeny demolished.
Translated by Google:
“Mediumwave broadcasting has largely been history in France since 2016. It is therefore not surprising what happened on May 31, 2021, in Nomeny, between Nancy and Metz: the masts of the medium-wave transmitter disappeared from the landscape.
The station Nomeny has been switched off since 2014. At that time, Radio France had already separated from the frequencies 792 kHz from Nieul near Limoges and 945 kHz from Muret near Toulouse. The operation of the medium waves still remaining after that ended in 2015.
In Nomeny there were two frequencies: 1350 kHz in single-frequency operation with Nice-Antibes for France Inter and 837 kHz for the former “Réseau Ondes Moyennes”. France Inter’s mediumwave broadcasting was discontinued at the end of 1996. At that time, the channels on 675, 1071 and 1161 kHz were also switched off.”
Original text in German.
Radio Eins Radio-News (2021-06-11)