The RTÉ longwave transmitter on 252 kHz failed to return to the air yesterday after yet another long maintenance period. As well as being of interest to DXers, this is an important link for the elderly Irish diaspora on the west coast of Britain but has been threatened with closure several times in recent years. RTÉ’s transmission network 2rn can be contacted at or on Twitter at @2rnNMC

John Walsh, Galway to BDXC-news iog via WOR iog (2021-08-13)

The RTE website said back on June 11th that 252 was off “until Saturday 14th August (estimated)”. (a couple of days later than the date 2rrn mentioned).
So the intention was to return to LW I think?

Alan Pennington to WOR iog (2021-08-13)