Unknown (pirate?) station on 594 kHz.
I was surprised today (January 9th) to receive a strong but unlisted medium wave signal on my car radio. Reception took place just after 12 noon (local time) here in Antwerp, Belgium. No ID or other announcement was heard, just non-stop classic rock.
While reception was very good and stable, the signal did cut out from time to time. Just for a few seconds though and apparently on purpose. Once home, I quickly checked the Heppen SDR here in Belgium which had the signal as well but a bit weaker. I managed to make a short recording, just before the transmitter cut out completely at around 12:51 PM local.
The recording can be heard at https://sndup.net/bpwn/
All the while, the Twente SDR had no reception at all which leads me to believe the signal was quite local to me. Wondering if anyone else has caught anything on this frequency.

Raphael Cockx (2022-01-09)