Another reactivation in Ukraine: the Chernivtsy transmitter on 657 kHz could be heard in Salzburg this evening. Chernivtsy, also Chernovts, in western Ukraine is the capital of Chernivtsi oblast and the traditional capital of Bukovina. (Wikipedia)

Christoph Ratzer (2022-02-25)


Certainly as a result of current events, I have noticed that 153 kHz tonight carries “Radio Romania – Actualitati” (first national program of public state broadcaster) instead of “Antena Satelor”.
So information and up-tempo pop music instead of folklore.

signal is = 1179 kHz with current affairs program.

Robert, Germany (2022-02-24)

Italy / Ukraine

Hello there from NEXUS-IBA and IRRS in Milano, Italy!

You have undoubtedly heard the latest news about the Russian invasion of Ukraine today. It has almost continuous coverage on Radio and TV in Europe as of this morning, and it makes everyone worried about the consequences for European stability.
Just in case you hear from someone interested in Russia and Ukraine in these difficult moments, you should know that we have increased our power on 1323 kHz, and we can reach these regions with a fantastic signal also on AM/Medium Wave.
We increased our special news coverage, adding repeats of the most informative and inspirational programs in English from 7 PM to 11 PM Central European Time to support displaced people and cover the latest events.
On AM/Medium Wave 1323 kHz, we broadcast daily from 19:00-23:00 CET.
I am attaching a recording taken in Ukraine last Saturday on our new frequency of 1323 kHz AM/Medium Wave at 22:00 Central European Time (23:00 or 11 PM local time in Ukraine). The recording is for Radio City, a DJ music program in English, but it shows how strong we can cover the conflict area.

Please visit our website at for more information.
Your reception reports are also very welcome and are helpful to our program producers and us. Please send your report to: requesting our latest e-QSL card.

Best 73s, Ron Norton via Mauno Ritola (2022-02-24)


UKR 549 kHz is back!.
Heard weak here in eastern Finland right now. Thanks to Steve Whitt for the alert.

Mauno, MWlist@groups.iog (2022-02-24)

Three hours ago (1100 UTC) with NATO Secretary General press conference, simultaneously translated from English to Ukrainian. Via remote SDR in Finland.

Ydun Ritz (2022-02-24)


Re. Netherlands yesterday:
Keukenduin on 819 is off air now. Yesterday evening just after 11 PM Dutch time, there is said ’till Saturday on air again’ and the transmitter is then switched off.

Nico from Gouda HOL (2022-02-23)


Army FM, Ukraine on 809v kHz.
Due to the absence of the strong transmitter from Macedonia on 810 kHz, there is a small reception possibility of Armija FM, the radio station of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence. The small medium wave station can be received here in Salzburg, Austria today weakly around 809.4 – 809.6 kHz late in the afternoon, the signal and also the modulation very weak. After about 1730 / 1800 UT reception here in Austria is almost impossible due to the strong signal from BBC Scotland.
The transmitter of Armija FM is located in Hirnyk, a town in the Donetsk oblast of Ukraine with a population of about 11,000. Hirnyk was founded in 1938 as the miners’ settlement Sozhorodok and received city status in 1958. Hirnyk is located in the Donbas near the bank of the Vovcha River and administratively belongs to the urban district of the town of Selydowe, which lies 14 km to the north. (Wikipedia)

73 Christoph Ratzer to Medium Wave Circle iog (2022-02-22) to WOR iog (2022-02-23)


Diavlos Ena on 693 from Athens has been off the air for a few weeks.
Studio 54 828 kHz from Athens has been off the air for a few weeks. Studio 54 transmitted during the dark hours and 24 hours on weekends, yet, on weekends at times it was on air only from dusk on Saturday.

Fotios Padazopulos (2022-02-22)

United Kingdom

Anyone know why Radio 4 on 720 in London is either off completely or on very low power?

Mike Usher to Medium Wave Circle FB group (2022-02-21)

From the BBC website :
“We are aware of a problem with the Radio 4 MW service in London. This is due to a fault at the Crystal Palace transmitter. Engineers have investigated however a fix will be dependent on weather conditions. They will do their best to restore the service as soon as possible.”

Nick Kenwood to Medium Wave Circle FB group (2022-02-21)