I heard this air alert again during the whole evening hours of Saturday,  5th of March.  I will upload later or tomorrow. This was the last sign I heard from 549.   It was bombing over Kiev all evening long, around 2 hours or even more. Always repeated service information along with the announcement “sirens are now on, we will be back with our program when it is safer “.
Next evening (Sunday), 549 signal was gone and has never been restored so far. 
But from today, I can catch 1278 with good signal. especially strong around 18:00 CET = 19:00 Kiev time.
All UA Radio and TV stations now united as “Єдині новини – марафон українських телеканалів i радіостанцій” (the only news broadcast – marathon of UA TV channels and radio).
This is new frequency! on air from today. A good alternative for areas where 549 is now missing.

Horst P., Germany (2022-03-08)