1395, March 15 at 1819, Russian, VG S9+15/30 into Tambov, Russia KiwiSDR, not blocked and no jamming yet, long interview above lots of crowdnoise background — the new R. Liberty one-hour relay by crowdfunding as USAGM is not interested. Site not revealed but obviously Gavar, the only huge signal on 1395, 500 kW. As to be expected, only 1403 km = 872 statute miles away. Another user is also on this from Arlington VA, guess who?
Tambov also has Russian on 1386, in fact sounds like the same, i.e. R. Baltic Waves relay from Lithuania. Strangely, this Kiwi does not block 1386 & 1395, but next channels, 1404, 1413, 1422 are blacked out. 1395 also audible at further Pskov, but lots more ACI from nearby 1386. At 1900, 1395 abruptly switches to TOMBS cult in South Carolina English! No 1395 on the TOMBS website.

Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR iog (2022-03-15)