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1520 oregon city (50 kW D 15 kW N DA-1) has turned off its licensed site and the transmitters and antenna feed system have been salvaged for use elsewhere. It has an application for 5 kW D and low power nite non-DA pending at a different site.
Another AM in the Portland market is about to lose its DA site as well with no pending application or STA to replace it. That will make the fourth station in this market to seriously downsize or simply disappear.

Ben Dawson to WOR iog (2022-03-20)

1520 is KQRR, for Russian Religion. IIRC it was originally KGON, just a dream for OR here in OK with another 50 kW. What`s the other one?

Glenn Hauser to WOR iog (2022-03-20)

The other one is another station in this, Portland, market. I’ll advise you which when the time is appropriate.   Nothing to do with KKXA, which is many km distant.  Class A in Ok City has also filed an application to downgrade, but only to a less efficient antenna.

Ben Dawson to WOR iog (2022-03-20)