Unid / Colombia?

1190 kHz – Spanish speaking station.
A Spanish speaking station was heard with 20m/5m KAZ @ 160 dgr (South America direction) using AirSpy HF Discovery – recorded what appears to be a rather clear ID however my (lack of) Spanish does not help.. Was audible past 19 hours local time in Sydney, and continued with an impressive S/N for an hour or so. 
The ID sounded like “Radio Pinguica” however I could not correlate anything with the WRTH 2022.. Talk in Spanish mixed with very enjoyable music.
I have attached the ID recording, hoping someone might be able to help ID it? 

Tomas, VK2CCC, Sydney to ICDX-AM iog (2022-04-15)

After the jingle type music the male announcer says HJCV Radio Codillera, then another jingle music, and the callsign is repeated followed by the frequency 1190.
Good catch it is one of the stronger Colombians in NZ.

Steven Greenyer to ICDX-AM iog (2022-04-15)