On the Russian news agency RT DE (operated by the Russian government) is another article about a terror attack on the Grigoriopol transmitter, but it failed, nothing was destroyed. I used the archive
link because it is a live ticker and older news in the ticker won’t be available anymore after a certain time.
I also don’t know more at this time about that. I also don’t know if the information I read is right or wrong.
999 and 1413 are still on air – normal operation. Maybe they want to destroy the transmitters to avoid Russian news agencies to rent airtime there to cover the Ukraine.

Marco (2022-05-03 16.13 UTC)
There is a video where they show the flight path of the drone.

999 and 1413 are not audible here:
I hope they didn’t manage to attack that station again.

Marco (2022-05-03 18.05 UTC)