The medium wave frequency of 1557 kHz in Sitkümai has just been assigned by the Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission to Telecentras: officially known as the Lithuanian Radio and Television Center or LRTC.
Telecentras is a state-owned company under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.
It will now be up to Telecentras to install and commission a transmitter and find tenants who will provide the programs to be broadcast.
After the Russian invasion in Ukraine, the Viesintos transmitter is full. There are therefore opportunities with international stations.
This decision can be appealed to the Vilnius District Administrative Court within 30 days from the date of its entry into force. Other requests would have been received.
We have, at the moment, no precision on the power of the transmitter will be installed. We do not know, either, if the transmitter will have an international or only national scope.
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Michel FREMY Radio Maqgazine to WOR iog (2022-07-05)