XECHEP-880 Chihuahua, CHIH (replacement for XEV which moved to FM several years ago) is reported on the air with Acústik Radio programming (slogan “Arre en Acústik”). This was one of many CPs granted in 2017 for stations that planned to carry the Acústik network.

Call signs for the new CPs granted in the IFT-8 auction may be unstable. XECCAK-1370, which is on the air (although no one has heard an ID yet) is also being reported as XECCBI. The new IFT station list, which just came out 6 days ago, includes the 14 new social/community CPs issued recently, but does not include the 16 new IFT-8 CPs, so tracking down the official call letters for this one may take a while.

XERDO-1060 is reportedly off the air after a tower collapse.

XEVAY-740 and XEPVJ-1110 in Puerto Vallarta are both reported silent. Neither is obligated to leave their AMs on, but both had told me in 2020 that they wanted to keep them on. This theoretically leaves Puerto Vallarta with no local AM radio, since XEEJ-650 allegedly went dark as soon as they found a new social/community licensee to take over their AM license, and XEPBPV-1080 recently turned in its license.

Tim Hall to FB group (2022-08-22)