Ciudad Juarez AM dial.

IRCA Mexican Log 2022-23 is now out!!!
Great resource since I’m on the border.  Thanks for the effort that obviously went in to keeping it viable and informative.

I wanted to give an update regarding the item on Page 7 that discusses the situation in Cd. Juarez.  XEZOL-860 is actually back on the air, so, as of 9/26, the following are still on the air:  XEZOL-860, XEFV-1000, XEWR-1110, XEF-1420, XECJC-1490, and XEJPV-1560.  Their future demise has been in the works for quite a while but I’m not holding my breath.

XEROK-800 signed of this past March and this is about the only thing that has changed with Cd. Juarez AM.

Robert Vance, El Paso, TX to WOR iog (2022-10-05)