United Kingdom

Absolute Radio now carrying retune loop on all if it’s frequencies. Ceased at midnight UTC 19-20 Jan 2023. Transmitters still on air (1297/1225/1233/1242/1360).

Greatest Hits Radio Staffordshire & Cheshire closed permanently on 18 Jan 2023 on 1170 kHz Sideway. Thus service moved to 96 4/96.9 FM.

Greatest Hits Radio Teesside on 1270 is on a retune loop since 17 Jan 2023.

Greatest hits Radio West Yorkshire on 1278/1530 us on retune loop since 17 Jan 2023.

Sad day for medium wave. Absolute ended with 10 minutes if nostalgia history if stations that have been in 1225 since it started in 1950 as a set if filler transmitters fir the BBC Light Programme, plus clips if Radio 1, Virgin Radio and Absolute.

Will let you know when retube loops go off.

James Robinson  (2023-01-20)