United States / Ukraine

Portable Radios Make Overseas Trip to Ukraine, Local Fundraising Continues.

Since starting his GoFundMe campaign in December, New York broadcast engineer Paul Thurst has raised more than $1,300 to send portable radios to war-torn Ukraine.

“In this high tech world with all of the many media choices available, when all else fails, radio is still there,” wrote Thurst in a December Radio World story. “That is true here and it is true in Ukraine as well. With that in mind, we reached out to someone who is working for an aide organization and asked if small battery-powered radios would be helpful. The answer was an enthusiastic YES!”

Now, the money raised has allowed Thurst to send 80 radios to Ukraine, with another 40 units on the way. Each radio will be distributed with two changes of batteries, which is expected to provide roughly 2,400 hours of listening time.


Elle Kehres, Radio World SmartBrief (2023-02-09)