International Waters

28 March 1964 – Radio Caroline launched from the North Sea.

The Fredericia, previously a Baltic ferry, was renamed MV Caroline and anchored off Felixstowe, Suffolk, where it began test transmissions on Friday, 27 March 1964. On Saturday, 28 March, it began regular broadcasting at noon on 1520 kHz (announced as 199 metres) with the opening conducted by Simon Dee. The first programme, which was pre-recorded, was hosted by Chris Moore.

Caroline continues today from land and also with special monthly weekend broadcasts from its ship “MV Ross Revenge” moored on the Blackwater Estuary near Bradwell, Essex. See for details.

Mike Terry to WOR iog (2023-03-28)

Before being a radio ship, the “Fredericia” was s Danish passenger and cargo ferry in inner Danish waters. Built in 1930 in Frederikshavn.

Ydun Ritz (2023-03-28)

Radio History

This Day in Radio History.
27 March 1899 – Guglielmo Marconi makes the first successful transmission across the English Channel from Wimereux, France to Dover, England.

Mike Terry to WOR iog (2023-03-27)

NDB Handbooks

The 2023 editions of my NDB handbooks and CDs are available now.
As always I’ve incorporated the latest changes and monitoring results.
The new GNDBH contains the details of more than 17300 NDBs worldwide. It is the perfect listening companion for radio listeners who use the extensive and ever-growing network of WebSDRs.
The updated ENDBH features the data of more than 8300 NDBs, and the new NANDBH more than 5900 NDBs.

Please find all relevant details at the following URL:

Once again, I’d like to thank all fellow NDB DXers for your continued support! Please keep up the good work, I do appreciate your direct input to keep the handbooks up to date!

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United States

Less Than 24 Hours Until the “Spring Into DX” Tests.
The Courtesy Program Committee (CPC) of the International Radio Club of America (IRCA) and the National Radio Club (NRC) are pleased to announce the 2023 “Spring into DX” tests from the Bluegrass State! Stay up late with us on Saturday night/Sunday morning as WWKY 990 in Winchester, KY and WMST 1150 in Mount Sterling, KY will both be conducting maintenance tests for two full hours. 

The test starts at one minute after midnight 00:01 AM EDT, Sunday morning March 26 (0401 UTC) and lasts until 2 AM EDT (0600 UTC). Both stations will run at their daytime power and pattern. That’s 2,500 watts for WMST and 1,000 watts for WWKY. Snagging this dynamic duo will be a challenge. To help make it easier, the station is broadcasting some of the best DX test material available. 

The test will consist mostly of sweep tones, Morse code at 20WPM & 12 WPM (1 kHz), 1kHz long tones, and proven sound effects to cut through the noise. The stations also plan to run some “special programming” that is sure to be fun. 

73, Les Rayburn to irca iog (2023-03-25)

Space Weather

SEVERE GEOMAGNETIC STORM: Last night, auroras spread across the United States as far south as New Mexico during a severe (category G4) geomagnetic storm. Some sky watchers also saw a luminous ribbon named “STEVE,” which is not an aurora.

Ydun Ritz (2023-03-24)


By means of Resolution No. 405-ENACOM/23 dated 20/03/2023, the ROMAN APOSTOLIC CATHOLIC CHURCH was authorized, with the endorsement of the PRELATURE OF HUMAHUACA, to operate an Audiovisual Communication Service of Sound Broadcasting by Amplitude Modulation in the town of Iruya, Province of Salta, to operate at 1410 KHz frequency, with a Category (C) VII, equivalent to a power 0.25 Kw (Daytime/Night), and will be identified by the distinctive signal LRK205. This authorization has been granted under Article 37 of Law No. 26.522 which considers the Roman Catholic Church, as a Legal Person of a public nature, entitled to provide audiovisual communication services.

The new AM station will be part of the network “RADIO MARIA ARGENTINA“, and basically its programming will be the transmission of the main station located in the city and Province of Cordoba, operating at the frequency of 101.5 MHz. It will also become the third station belonging to that network Catholic, operating in Modulated Amplitude in our country.

Svenn Martinsen to Arctic Radio CLub FB group (2023-03-23)


Pridnestrovian radio center =

Laster observations/reports suggest 999kHz is on air 24/7 and 621 kHz, most likely from 15:00..~18:20 (local) + 20:30..21:30 (TWR)

Steve Whitt to mwcircle iog (2023-03-23)

621 kHz came on with brief test tones at 1826 UTC, then silence until ID and start of programme at 1830 UTC. Mostly underneath Spain. (Listening on BDMR)

Mark Hattam to mwcircle iog (2023-03-23)