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Does Orfordness 648 currently use one of the 5 towers (former directional antenna) or do they still use the standby mast?
The gallery page still says it is the standby tower, some years ago new information occured:
It also seems that the solar panels are now being mounted.

Marco to tx-list iog (2023-04-05)

March 2023 Ofcom TxParams show 648 KHz as ‘in use power’ of 4kw EMRP with no parameters, so no directional properties on the antenna (Omnidirectional). Antenna height 60 metres, site height 5 metres. So, antenna could be the same one as described in G4OYX article below.
From what I read. The only change made was the swap from the Neutel transmitter to the Harris DX25 bought from Holland and a
increase in service power to 4kw. Ofcom refused or didn’t offer a higher power increase.

Mark to tx-list iog (2023-04-05)