United Kingdom

Greatest Hits Radio Scotland.
Following the merger and rebranding of 1107, 1152 and 1161kHz I thought I would check the programming.

Today around the middle of the day I noticed all three frequencies carrying the same programming with good audio synchronisation (ID as a “Greatest Hits Radio for Scotland” or “Greatest Hits Radio”) except for:

Ad breaks appear to be completely different on all three frequencies and include a mix of local, Scottish and UK wide businesses.
News at 1300utc  was separate on all three channels (with different news announcer voices)
News is followed by very short local weather. E.g on 1152 “weather for Glasgow and the West”
ID at top of hour e.g. 1161 “Across Tayside & Fife this Greatest Hit Radio”
Note that “Top of Hour” ID and start of news was a full minute late.

Comparison with Greatest Hits Radio Sheffield 1305 showed the same music  but not synchronised in time (about 60seconds difference). Same music but different DJs with different chat between records. The ad=fternnon show is probably live but might be voicetracked.

Steve Whitt to mwcircle iog (2023-04-06)