Translated from Spanish:
At the end of April 2023, the well-known Modulated Amplitude station operating at the frequency of 1250 KHz from the city of Asunción (Paraguay), will return to the air identifying itself now as “RCC RADIO ASUNCION” (ZP3), which becomes part of the RCC Holding (Red) Communications Cheat). This station is added to the network RCC TV, digital air signal and TV Chaqueña, which operates channels 21.1 and 21.2 respectively, and which have a national reach through Channel 29 of Tigo and Channel 7 of IPTV COPACO, as well as FM station on 101.7 MHz (RCC Radio) at Chaco Central.
RCC has an office in the city of Philadelphia, where it has a recording studio and radio booths for all the content generated in the chaco, and also a second studio and offices in Lambaré, where the 1250 AM radio booth will be mounted. Similarly, a third recording studio will soon be enabled in the same locality. To get in touch you can call +595 (21) 3298045 or write to E-mail: < . py>; or visit Website: < >.
It is estimated that the studios of RCC Radio Asunción will be located on Avenue Luis Maria Argaña and Cacique Sepe Street, Lambaré, Central, Paraguay.

Marcelo A. Cornachioni to FB group (2023-04-06)