1557 R Pravda in Russian on around 2320.yl with short announcements, DTMF tones and advertising.a recurring structure do.First time logging them. Quite poor signal with fair at best. Wished I took the AN200 and leave the room for better reception….13/4/23
Mwlist info shows transmissions till 2130 bit today 17 the listing changed into 24z

Pravda heard on 2050-2115 with poor signal fitting to the above structure but with also announcements by man The AN200 loop enhanced greatly the signal to good levels.
S7 on 2*16m Λ with R75. 14/4/23

Zach Liangas to WOR iog (2023-04-17)

It identifies itself as “Nasha Lenta” … I don’t know why it is listed as R.Pravda.

Arthur Pozner to WOR iog (2023-04-17)