RADIOCOM (Societatea Na ianională de Radiocomunica Soii SA) has just put into service the new medium wave transmitter of Valu lui Traian near Constanta. It broadcasts Radio România News on 1458 kHz with a power of 50 kW.

This station had been out of service and almost abandoned for years. The roof was damaged and water was falling onto the equipment!
It is recalled that the Romanian Broadcasting Company had put SNRadiocomunicatii SA on a standstill to replace the failing transmitters on the brink of breaking the rental contract that ties the radio to the company that exploits the transmitters.
The transmitter is in a test phase before being officially rented to Radio Romania.
One thing is certain, following this investment representing a total of 5 issuers and amounting to more than €400,000, Romania has no intention of abandoning the medium waves.
The next replaced transmitter should be the one from Bucharest.

Radio Magazine FB group (2023-04-16)