More grants for new social/community stations in Mexico. 4 of these seemingly replace old AMs which had finished moving to FM years ago. 2 of them (1520, 1570) are completely new stations.

On May 24, according to data in the Public Register of Concessions, the Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones México Plenary awarded at least eight social-use radio concessions to wolves.

Two are on FM. Michoacán Te Escucha, A.C., new dealership, will have XHCSBP-FM 98.7A in Huetamo. In Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, Gro., will be XHCSBJ-FM 97.7AA of Radio Lacustre, A.C.

Radio Lacustre will also have social radios in Modulated Amplitude in Guanajuato:
* XECSCN-AM 840 Clearance
* XECSFC-AM 1370 Dolores Hidalgo
* XECSGG-AM 1570 Comfort

And Radio Tonatiuh, A.C., will have three of its own:
* XECSDL-AM 1000 Leon
* XECSDZ-AM 1100 Moroleon
* XECSFV-AM 1520 at San Felipe

(Credit to Raymie Humbert‘s excellent En Frecuencia blog).

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