227 came back on at 22:25 UTC last night. I did not see 164 come back on although it was present when I checked again at 14:50 UTC just before close of broadcasting.
164 was not audible. 209 was audible however 227 was far better.

According to the website the 164 transmitter was installed in 1984, 227 in 1978 and the 209 transmitters in 1979 and 1982. It is not unreasonable to assume that there are technical issues.
The Oglii transmitter, also on 209, was commissioned in 1965 and upgraded with a new rig from Transradio in 2012. If this transmitter is off, as suspected, then it may be the case that there are other issues with the transmitter and/or associated hardware itself of difficulty in obtaining spares or backup support from whatever is left of Transradio.

Conor Burns (2023-07-04)