On 1314 kHz Bergen Kringkaster broadcasts all week at 05:00-22:15 UTC.

However, Wednesdays 17.00-19.00 it is Laksevåg Kringkaster, which uses the frequency 1314 kHz. During the summer period, the program mostly consists of rebroadcasts. You can read more about the station here
The broadcast hours on 1314 can also be used by others (except Wednesdays 17.00-19.00) for a sum of 20 NOK per hour. You just have to make an agreement with Foreningen Bergen Kringkaster and get a
permission from the Norwegian Media Authority.
There is a transmission break on 1314 kHz every Sunday at 09:00-13:00 UTC.
The transmitting power is 700 Watts, but the transmitter can be difficult to catch, because Romania and Spain dominate most of the time on the frequency.

DX-Fokus via Ydun Ritz (2023-07-04)