1611 Transmitter feed repaired, back since August 10th. Transmission hours greatly extended.

LLE-4 Radio Northern Star, 400 watts, temporary schedule: 0459-2205 UTC.
Automated and live assist Classic Rock and Pop from both sides of the Atlantic with announcers Sue,
Howie, Ron and Rosko etc.
VFG (Gospel programming) 17 hours per week, 6 hours Saturdays and Sundays, 1 hr weekdays.
Northern Star is rotating on 1611// 5895 kHz with Kysten/The Coast, our FM 93.8 MHz (Classic Country,
Country & Irish, General Scandinavian and Gospel Music).
1611 heard in 16+ countries.
5895 heard in 30+ countries.

Svenn Martinsen 2.9.2023 to Arctic Radio Club via WOR iog (2023-09-04)