1278 Petrovka/Kurisovo/Odessa

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The coordinates show the Kurisovo (ukr. Kurisove) transmitter, also known under the name Petrovka.
The pictures on frocusat simply don’t match the Google Earth pictures. There is the big ARRT antenna with the cage antenna. You can clearly see the cirle with the mounting.
Does anybody know where that antenna is? That one doesn’t have the ARRT cage, but other interesting stuff like the 4 wires connecting the guy wires together at the top level.
Another antenna is connected to it, see the first guy level, such also exist in Ekaterinburg.
The other antenna was шпренгельная антенна, another type of cage antenna that looks completely different.
The smaller antennas on the left side also look different.
Here Одесская ОГТРК [Odessa OGTRK] is named for some low power MW transmissions.
Is that
46°27’00.0″N 30°44’27.6″E
That is a freestanding tower.

Marco (2023-09-12)