United States

1922 was a boom year for radio in the USA and many stations are celebrating their 100th anniversaries with special programmes this Spring/Summer 2022. It is hard to be sure when stations might celebrate. Maybe when they got their license, perhaps the date of their first broadcast. This will need some detective work. Some stations have celebrated with radio programmes, videos and modified logos.
A rare handful are still using the original callsign they were issued with in 1922.

Here is a list of licenses issued in April/May 100 years ago:
Licenced Current Location Original callsign
04/12/1922 KUFO970 Portland, OR KQP
04/17/1922 WJBO1150 Baton Rouge, LA WAAB
04/17/1922 KNBR680 San Francisco, CA KPO
04/19/1922 KCRO660 Omaha, NE WAAW
04/21/1922 KSL1160 Salt Lake City, UT KZN
04/22/1922 KKDZ1250 Seattle, WA KTW
04/25/1922 WSOY1340 Decatur, IL WBAO
04/26/1922 WBAP820 Fort Worth, TX WBAP
04/28/1922 WOI640 Ames, IA WOI
04/29/1922 WTVN610 Columbus, OH WBAV
04/29/1922 WBAX1240 Wilkes-Barre, PA WBAX
05/03/1922 KNEW910 Oakland, CA KLX
05/03/1922 WTAE1250 Pittsburgh, PA WCAE
05/04/1922 WJR760 Detroit, MI WCX
05/08/1922 WCAO600 Baltimore, MD WCAO
05/08/1922 KFNZ1320 Salt Lake City, UT KDYL
05/09/1922 KTSA550 San Antonio, TX WCAR
05/10/1922 WPHT – 1210 Philadelphia, PA WCAU
05/10/1922 WHB710 Kansas City, MO WHB
05/13/1922 WVMT620 Burlington, VT WCAX
05/13/1922 WBNS1460 Columbus, OH WCAH
05/15/1922 WDAE1250 Tampa, FL WDAE
05/15/1922 WTMJ620 Milwaukee, WI WCAY
05/15/1922 WCAZ990 Carthage, IL WCAZ
05/16/1922 WDAF610 Kansas City, MO WDAF
05/16/1922 KGNC710 Amarillo, TX WDAG
05/19/1922 WFAN660 New York, NY WDAM
05/19/1922 KEEL710 Shreveport, LA WDAN
05/19/1922 WGN720 Chicago, IL WDAP
05/23/1922 KMPS1300 Seattle, WA KDZE
05/23/1922 WDAY970 Fargo, ND WDAY
05/25/1922 WFDF910 Flint, MI WEAA
05/26/1922 KFH1330 Wichita, KS WEAH
05/27/1922 WHCU870 Ithaca, NY WEAI
05/31/1922 KHOW630 Denver, CO KDZQ

This is extracted from a list I found online some time ago – the source I can no longer locate. So apologies for lack of credit.

Steve Whitt to Medium Wave Circle FB group (2022-04-12)