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Another AM deletion prevented by 10 watt STA.
Another station in the Portland market that seemed destined for extinction has been saved at the last minute – by 10 watt STA operation with TIS-type facilities.
KUIK 1360 kHz Hillsboro’s 1 year off-air period was set to end 1201 AM this morning (April 13) but the station notified FCC at 6:30 PM yesterday (April 12) that it was back on with the STA facilities authorized on Monday (April 11).

The other Portland market station operating with 10 watt TIS-type facilities is KGDD 1150
KXET 1520 Oregon City is off air too, and its antenna/transmitter site is dismantled, but it’s intended to put it back on with lower power non-DA facilities at another site. 
1330 Portland, one of the oldest stations in the market, is now gone for good.

Ben Dawson (2022-04-13)