Krasnodarskiy kray.
At the Krasnodar radio center, test switching on of a medium-wave transmitter is being carried out.
Frequency 1089 kHz. Power up to 1200 watts. Broadcast Radio of Russia. Estimated start date for full-fledged broadcasting is November 1.

I called to the Kuban, the benefit of the contacts remained.
There are miracles. In a particular case, this is exactly the case. A letter was sent down from above about turning on the transmitter at 1089 kHz, 1200 kW. The center had been dismantling for a long time, but this transmitter was the last one put in the queue. It was collected by the workers of the center 30 years ago with their own hands. So far, everything is similar to Bolshakovo, at the level of periodic tests. But the transmitter went on the air recently – that’s a fact. The planned launch is November 1, the date can be adjusted. What the program will be is still unknown. By default, radio of Russia is used for tests. There are no specific times.

Andrey, Russia – Radio reception / Telegram via RUS-DX via WOR iog (2022-10-24)