1143 kHz Bolshakovo: At this time [10.00 UTC / Ed] tests are audible here:
But the signal is very, very low, I cannot understand anything.

Marco (2002-10-25)

Here great reception via a KiwiSDR in Sweden:

It seems there is another smaller antenna at 54.90646385181105,

Doesn’t that antenna look like the this (right one)?

A similar looking antenna is located in Czech Republic:

I don’t know which antenna system they use. The receiver in Gotland that has a high signal is the exception. Maybe they use one of the arrays to direct the signal, but this is just a wild guess.

“Это СВ направленная система 4+4. 4 активных излучателя и 4 настраиваемых рефлектора. Мощность – 1 МВт.”

That means 4 active antennas and 4 reflectors, tunable.

Marco (2022-10-25)