United States

Capitol Broadcasting has begun a realignment of its signals in the Raleigh/Durham market.

Sports “The Buzz” has moved from 96.5 W243DK Durham and 99.3 W257CS Morrisville/Raleigh to 620 WDNC Durham and 1550 WCLY Raleigh, while continuing to be heard on 99.9 WCMC-HD2 Holly Springs. The Buzz carries a local morning show hosted by Kevin McClendon and Erroll Reese from 7-10am and the national ESPN Radio lineup the remainder of the day. 620 WDNC had been operating as a third Sports brand in the cluster “The Ticket” running CBS Sports Radio programming, while WCLY had been AAA “That Station“, which continues to be heard on 95.7 W239CK/101.5 WRAL-HD2 Raleigh.

The move will open up the 96.5 and 99.3 translators to launch a new brand in the coming weeks. We reported in our 7/31 Domain Insight on what is expected to launch.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2022-08-04)


Tonga, TBC, 1017 kHz.
The antenna upgrade is part of the Tonga National Early Warning System project, supported by the Japanese government, to support transmission of natural disaster warning and safety information through the installation of an emergency radio communications system, an early warning sound alert system and improved broadcasting infrastructure for the Tonga
Broadcasting Commission (TBC) – via Tonga Ministry of Communications.

Matt Francis to Australian DX News August via WOR iog (2022-08-04)


AM to FM Conversions on the air.

ON SCHRIEBER 90.9 CBLB Moved from 1340. Operates with 130 watts.

Canadian Radio News FB group (2022-08-03)


Northern Star 1611 kHz.
As you already have noticed, our station The Sea is not on the air.
It closed just after midnight on December 15th, 2021.
The Sea is a Classic Country station.
But, as new licenses has been given for 630, 1314, 1611 and 5895 kHz we anticipate to be back on the air soon.
As to 1611 kHz it is an ITU internationally cleared frequency for only the Vatican and Norway.
All other use is illegal.
We plan digital transmissions on that frequency as we are licensed for by NKOM and MT.
It may be ignorance that leads people to think that they can broadcast on any frequency they may choose.
At any rate the pirates harm the enormous effort we have put in to secure this clear frequency for Norway.
The 1.6 MHz band is also a band for licensed broadcasters in ITU Regions 2&# ie the Americas and Asia/Pacific, and pirates in action there also harm dx listening of many Europeans.
I might add that there are still utility transmissions in the band that also may be harmed.
Please spread my note on 1611.

Svenn Martinsen via DX Berlin via medium wave circle FB group (2022-08-03)

United Kingdom

Confirmation that Greatest Hits Radio (formerly Swansea Sound) on 1170 Khz from Winch-Wen, Swansea, has fallen silent. It was broadcasting a “close down loop” the day before yesterday. Since then, it has gone off the air. 

I admit to having a bit of a lump in my throat. Part of my childhood gone! 

Alan Jones (2022-08-02)